Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Audio Transcription Services

Transcription services are a method of mapping from sound to script. Here voice recorded reports can be converted to text format and the one who performs this job is called a transcriptionist. This is comparatively a new concept to us though it is widely used in western countries.

Transcription services can be provided in various fields. Academic Transcription services are usually helpful for teachers and students which can be applicable in seminars, meetings, conferences etc. Transcription services can help to convert voice recorded reports dictated by any professors in text format which can be used for future reference.

Outsourcing transcription service is now common. Only a highly experienced transcription service provider can provide you with accurate output. Here all the conversations can be captured and can be converted accordingly to help all viewers around the world. Transcription services pave its way to build the students knowledge and capability
We offer confined quality solutions for transcription services which include Business Transcription services, Legal Transcription Services, Medical Transcription Services, Digital Transcription services, Online Transcription Services
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Financial and accounting Services

Accounting is the way of recording all your business process and finance transactions. Every organization even small or large will be having a record of their financial information. So we can say that accounting is a backbone of an organization. So providing financial accounting services is really a considerable service.
Every financial transaction in an organization must be recorded regularly. Book keeping service plays an important role here. Every business organization even small or large should keep a good financial and accounting information. Managing accounts is really a tedious task and offering book keeping service to business is really a great concept.
We provide fast and affordable financial and accounting services with secure and reliable output.Our financial and accounting services which include accounts payable and receivable, payroll processing services, book keeping services, tax preparation services. By outsourcing bookkeeping services to a qualified organization can help to concentrate more on your core business. A good financial and accounting service provider can help you to evaluate your benefits and productivity.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Expectations of CAD Drafting

Through this article I thought of sharing some of the expectations of CAD Drafting in this upcoming technology.CAD was really a boon in construction industry and was initially introduced to design the four walls of your house. But it is not the case now. Its application has become so wide such that CAD Drafting service can make the world far better. Computer Aided Drafting can be used to obtain 2D drawings and also modern CAD Drafting packages supports 3D drawings.

CAD Drafting provides accurate and precise measurement of the data we require. It actually involves designing actual or virtual images with the help of computers.CAD Drafting refers to technical drawing component with the aid of a computer. With advance in IT and 3D representation of geospatial information great number of application demand CAD Drafting. Intelligent CAD Drafting Service highlights how intelligent you are to handle a business requirement. Cost advantages in this field can be provided only when process is contoured to the best solution.

Since Computer aided drafting service is a constructive solution it confess an organization to build a business solution with its own requirements. AutoCAD is one of the most popular tool used in this industry. Vertical program version of AutoCAD is best to be used in construction industry which allow different 3D objects. Auto CAD in 2010 has also introduced mesh modeling and parametric functional. CAD Drafting has also shown its excellence in GIS field too. CAD can support geospatial queries and topology analysis. Combined effort of CAD and GIS can enhance the productivity rather than individual potential .So we can say that future of construction industry lies in safe hands of CAD Drafting.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Computer Aided Drafting Service in India

A successful business industry requires hard office work and the sweat of the multitude of the employees who contributed enormously to the success story. So outsourcing is the best way to reduce your work load and thus increase your profit with less tension.

CAD Drafting is a highly appreciable service in this technological era. India with its strong technical background and experienced designers can provide you with accurate drawings.

Many firms are there in the industry offering CAD drafting services. But outsourcing this activity to a firm that has the scale and experience can deliver you creative and stylish designs. The computer aided drafting service is comparatively vast with gigantic business needs.

We offer fast and accurate computer aided drafting services with all good features. Our creative technology, expert professionals and years of proven experience assure you that we can work on your dreams at affordable rate. Our clients can benefit a lot as there costs can reduce, reduced risk and the quality of work is improved.
Our services can be listed as follows:
1. 2D CAD conversion: Converting the image into digital format (CAD)
2. Paper to CAD: Converting the Paper drawing to digital format(CAD)
3. AutoCAD conversion: CAD conversions using the AutoCAD software
4. Multilayer CAD conversion
5. Scan to CAD conversion: Scanned drawings can be converted to CAD drawings.
6. DGN conversion by using Micro Station software.
7. CAD to GIS: The converted CAD can be Geo-referenced