Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outsourcing back office services

The international business arena depends a lot in Outsourcing. Today, bulk of developing nations depends on the income generated from outsourcing business to boost-up or keep up their economic status. Outsourcing is a new gate for profit-making in the business sectors.

Back Office Services is one of the major sectors in outsourcing ground. It is the outsourcing of specific and unimportant office tasks to offshore firms with the signing of lieu or MoU. Although the momentum of growth was slack in the early days, Back Office Outsourcing Services got the momentum from the newly-emerged management trends such as outsourcing of less important tasks in the organizations.
Back office services can be divided according to the fields of services. Major outsourced back office services include financial and accounting services, bookkeeping services, customer care and support, call centre, human resources, pay-roll, purchase bills, transcription, etc. The fields of services covered in Back Office Operations are expanding because of the increasing responsibilities of the organisations and equally demanding back office support.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Advantage of outsourcing Genealogical Services

I think all of us are interested in tracing the missing links and lineages in the family. It is considered to be a tedious job and will acquire some deep researches to map out at least two links. Then here comes the role of genealogy services providers. Genealogy providers draw on various old records like family records, census records, financial records, wills, war records, BMD (Birth Marriage Death) records, Parish records, electoral records, etc.

Genealogical services depends upon in-depth knowledge and experience in researching and analyzing various old records and data. Historical, social and family backdrop is crucial in achieving accurate identification of individuals and relationships.
Some of the basic genealogical services include scanning, indexing and transcription, and data updation process. Companies can help record data related to genealogy,historical documents,parish register,burials,marriages etc from your document and archives to user required format.Scanning and digitizing data from microfilms, microfiche, aperture cards, paper/old books using OCR and other techniques to maintain the legibility of the information throughout the process.
Historical data indexing provides easy access to any information required at any time. Indexing can allow any member of a family to map out the long lost member of the same or related family. The transcription process can reproduce any hard to read document into decipherable document. Some companies also provide the option to update or add any new family link or information to the existing genealogy record.
Based on the family documents and stories collected, the genealogists set forth for further research which includes the examining and evaluating the records to pin down the verification about the ancestors and other family links. Various researches conducted include ancestry research, relationship charts, pedigree charts or biography charts.
Most organizations or clients resort on outsourcing their genealogy tasks to cut their overhead and save time to execute their other core jobs. While some conduct the genealogy research to be informed of the religious belief systems, others have it done out of the desire or curiosity to know the medical and family history of the adopted individual or to be updated on the families who survived poverty, slavery or other natural calamities.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010