Friday, January 29, 2010

Past of CAD

Cad drafting is an essential industrial art which is now applicable in different industrial sectors.Usage of cad drafting services has influenced every small sectors such that even a bottle is designed using these techniques.

Cad drafting has achieved this position by continuous effort of many designers and developers.This services was introduced in 1960's and 1970's.Initially this was applicable only in industries like aerospace and automotive industry.But as technology rises many cad drafting softwares has been developed that can assist engineers and designers.

By 1963 sketch pad was introduced which was the first software in CAD.This was really a turning point in computer aided drafting industry,using this designers can work with programs by drawing on the monitor with a light pen.In 1970's cad programs were only capable of creating 2d drawings but as applications of cad programs increased this industry had a great demand towards end of the decade.By 1980's cad modeling was introduced.

Nowadays computer are more common and cheaper such that anyone with creativity can run cad programs on their PC.Cad drafting can help users to digitally visualize their views.So cad drafting service is a great requirement

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Outsourcing benefits of CAD

The outsourcing industry in India is now waking up to new technological advances. India is blessed with great skilled manpower resources. Large organizations are now trying to reduce their operating costs by outsourcing their work to another organization. Outsourcing is an important tool in minimizing your cost and maximizing your profit.

Outsourcing cad drafting is a wise decision to achieve your dream with less cost and manpower. Computer aided drafting services can be used to display graphic entities. With excellent technologies we can make your ideas more applicable. Outsourcing cad drafting services can help to make an office paperless and also help to save more designs than storing in papers.

By outsourcing your cad drafting work you can focus more on your core work. Advantages of outsourcing cad drafting are:
• Excellent quality and accurate output
• Minimum turn around time
• Makes your design attractive, simple and sharable
• Sensible and flexible
• Dependent and time consuming

So outsourcing cad drafting is an intelligent decision and an easy path to increase productivity and flexibility of an organization.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


• Ultimate objective of marketing is to satisfy the customers.
• To get customer trust you have to give out something valuable that exceeds customers expectation.
• Ensure that customers information is secure and is safeguarded from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.
• Customer analysis allows business to determine the best approach for each customer.
• Customer understanding keeps them involved within the business for an extended period of time.
• Make sure the customer knows that it was your pleasure to work with him or her.
• Segmentation is the heart of customer management. Grouping customers according to similar attributes allows more effective marketing and efficient service.
• Determine who your best customers are, by analyzing the profile of your best customer you can target others in your area who meet those criteria.
• Never dissatisfy a customer, improve satisfaction level of a customer. Make sure mistakes aren’t repeated.
• A 5% increase in customer retention rates results in a 25% to 95% increase in profits.
• When the customer needs are better satisfied, customers visits you more often and spend more.
• Have a clearly defined customer service policy and honour your promises.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Importance of CAD

Thinks gradually change as the technology rises. Designing with pencil and scale is completely an old concept.With computer aided drafting it is able to model anything easily, quickly and accurately. Performance of cad drafting can increase productivity and thus can satisfy new demands.

Computer aided drafting was normally used by engineers. But now anyone with logic and creativity can easily run cad programs.By using cad drafting software it is easy to save each and every design also it can help to access any design from anywhere at any time. Computer aided drafting services can satisfy customers in different industries like industrial product design, automotive styling, furniture design, mechanical design parts, modeling etc.

We can provide you cad drafting services with all advanced features. We are in this field for many years and we can assist engineers, architects and design professionals. Any scanned drawings, blueprints or PDF files can easily be traced by our cad professionals and thus can provide you with high quality output.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Computer Aided Drafting

Computer aided drafting is a process of designing any real or virtual object by using some computer technologies. Anyone who has a skill, creativity and logical thinking can easily sketch some ones dream with their finger tip.

In earlier days cad was meant only for drafting purpose but now it can be applicable in many fields. cad drafting is applicable in constructing buildings, in designing a new product, car etc. Cad drafting plays an important role in designing an optimized product.

Our cad drafting services can be applicable in following fields:

Cad drafting always maintain a small database with essential details of designing and other properties.Hence outsourcing cad drafting jobs to a reputed company is a wise decision.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing involves outsourcing for high-end knowledge work that includes research and analytics solutions on intellectual property, equity and finance, market research and data management.

By outsourcing processes of your company to us you can focus on the core competitive area of your business . KPO services is driven by the depth of knowledge, experience and proper judgement.We offer experienced services and resources for diverse industry sectors worldwide. Our kpo services also focus upon research and analytics services that can deliver better business value.

The use of KPO services can allow a company to design and market their products or services through hardware efficiency, market research, business administration, and competition. Some of the benefits of using our kpo services is that :
• Cost Benefits
• Concentration to core areas
• Technology benefits
• Skilled Man power resources
• Tax benefits
• Good quality work.
• Lower costs.
• On time delivery of services.
• Uninterrupted services.
• Adaptability to changes in required quality.

KPO is claimed to efficiently increase productivity and increase cost savings in the area of market research. Knowledge Process Outsourcing will be the big trend in the outsourcing market place. Many new business concerns are coming day by day in Knowledge Processing Outsourcing Industry.Our KPO services usually focused on knowledge-intensive business processes that require significant domain expertise.

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