Saturday, September 11, 2010

Legal Process Outsourcing

LPO( Legal process Outsourcing)services refers to the practice of a law firm finding legal support services from a legal support services company. There are a lot of LPO providers in India, Philippines,US etc. The LPO providers offer services in the areas of legal research and writing, drafting of pleadings, drafting of briefs,document review and patent services outsourcing.

Now a day's the legal research outsourcing / legal memorandum to Indian is increased due to the quality and understanding of the client requirements by the Indian LPO providers. The biggest advantages for legal outsourcing to India is the availability of English speaking, US and UK graduated, qualified attorneys working at affordable rates.

SBL BPO is one of the famous LPO services provider in Cochin / Kerala / India. Please check out our Legal services here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Microfilm Scanning Services

The photographic material on which miniature copies of documents are created is called microfilm. It allows for very close-packed storage of books and documents.

A transparent flat rectangular sheet of microfilm, of dimensions 105 mm X 148 mm is called Microfiche. Repository quality microfilm offers reassurance that the image on the film will be clear far into the future. It offers top level of security and re-assurance than any other media.

SBL BPO offers Microfilm Scanning Services at affordable rates.