Friday, October 29, 2010

Legal Research Outsourcing

Legal research is the part of Legal / LPO services. Legal Research is the process of recognizing and regaining information vital to maintain legal decision-making. Legal research consists of each step of a line of action that starts with a study of the facts of a problem and ended with the application and communication of the results of the analysis. The drafted result of legal research is called the legal memorandum.

The procedures of legal research differ according to the country and the legal system concerned. Legal research is executed by anyone with a requirement for legal information, including lawyers, law librarians, and paralegals. By using database tool like Lexis Nexis, we get the source of legal information.

The Lexis Nexis tool contains current statutes and laws of countries mainly US, UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and a large volume of published case opinions.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deposition Summaries

A short and well-cleared record summary is one of the most important tools a litigator / lawyers can possess. Deposition Summaries is also known by the name deposition digest.

Depositions serve as direct pretrial proof for lawyers / litigators, to attach in court. Summarizing a deposition transcript stays easy to draft, need only general understanding of the most urgently material facts that followed during deposition. Normally, deposition summaries are done in a page summary ratio of 10-12:1, and never lose the relevant facts. To save the reading time, all summaries are written in complete sentences, with no short forms and consist of page/line references, subject captions and a table of contents.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strategies To Succeed In Business

Contract review is a judgment process, a normal analysis for contract. Contract review process consist of: make clearing of contract related facts, forecast of contract risks and measure of the possibility of contract. The purpose of the contract review is for controlling the legal risk.

Contract review can be classified into three. They are the following:

• Prior Review and Post Review
• Operation Review and Legal Review
• Formal Review and Substantive Review

To attain success in business is very hard. Main strategy to attain success in business is to make sure you properly implement the contract review. A thorough review of your contracts and related costs will often expose several easy cost savings choices.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

General Legal Projects handled by LPO firms in India

The general legal projects or issues handled by the major LPO firms in India are:
Trials Transcription
Legal Letter Transcription
Legal coding
Court Reporting
Data Entry Work
Contract Management Services
Document Review Services
Document Management Services
Intellectual Property Services
Legal Research Services
Litigation and Administrative Support Services
Consulting Services
Immigration paperwork
Research & Publishing
Compliance & Regulatory
Real Estate
Legal Drafting
Answering Online Legal Questions
Legal Definitions
Information on State and Federal entities

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Challenge I

The Client is a large law firm specialized in Veterans affairs. The law firm had to file an Appeal for its client against the Board of Veterans Affairs decision. The particular veteran had a database of about 10000 pages including his service and medical records. The Appeal was to be filed within 3 days from the day the records reached the offshore office. The task assigned was to develop the statement of facts of the appeal from the records. The challenge lied in the fact that the statement of facts is to be chronologically arranged which required scrutiny of each page within 8 hrs to allow a room for review and quality control. Moreover, most of the pages were handwritten and thus, were too difficult to decipher.


Four attorneys were deployed for reviewing the records with 2500 pages each and a target line of 400 pages per hour. The reviewing attorneys went through each document, highlighting the relevant facts and bookmarking them with the date available on the page. Each attorney arranged the allotted pages in a chronological order. The task was completed within 7 hrs. The next step was to club the bookmarked records and rearrange the chronology. Thereafter, the statement of facts was written following the chronological order and noting the highlighted text. The review team took over the process, and checked if all the important and specific records are being properly mentioned in the summary. The quality control team checked the summary for grammar, punctuation, spacing and other requirements for drafting appeal. The statement of facts was completed, reviewed and transmitted to the client on the next day of receiving the request. The work product of exceptional quality was completed in 50% of the time it would have taken to be done in the U.S. and at 65% the cost.

Challenge II

The client wanted to have a complete awareness of the laws governing the termination of parental rights in all the 50 states. The client needed the information in the form of a survey within 5 days. The challenge was that termination of parental rights is a really vast area consisting of voluntary termination and involuntary termination.


A team of 5 attorneys were assigned with the research and drafting task each with 10 states. The research time given was one hour per state. After completing the research on all the fifty states, a team meeting was conducted to draft a template on which each state law is to be provided. The attorneys followed the format of the template in providing the laws of each state. An introductory part and a concluding part was also drafted. The completed work of all the 5 attorneys were clubbed together as a survey and was handed over to the review team. The review team checked if all the instructions of the client are complied with in the research. Thereafter, the quality control team checked the entire work for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, citations and other drafting essentials. The multi-jurisdictional survey was successfully completed and transmitted to the client before the deadline.

Challenge III

The client is a large Automanufacturer involved in a mass tort litigation. The legal department of the client wanted to get voluminous depositions summarized and digested for making it easy and fast to refer for trial. There were 15 volumes of depositions consisting of 1000 pages each.


Five Attorneys were deployed for summarizing depositions with 3 volumes each. A standard template for line by line summary was created to be followed. The attorneys worked on the records to summarize 10 pages to one page in 40 minutes on an average. The summary was done according to the specific requirements of the client. The quality control team checked for the compliance of instructions. The entire summary was reviewed for readability and factual adherence. The work product was transmitted to the client on the 30th day of request.

SBL, an ISO 9001 quality certified IT enabled service provider specialized in Business process Outsourcing in India with offices in UK, India, Norway, USA and Australia. SBL BPO which is a part of SBL, offers legal services like Legal process outsourcing (LPO) services and Legal research services.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Outsourcing Legal Services

Legal Process Outsourcing services(LPO services)/ Legal services is a field in outsourcing that engages high value added services. Practice of a law firm obtaining legal support services from a third party service provider is referred as Legal outsourcing. If the outsourced unit is based in another country then, the practice is known as off shoring.

At first stage legal outsourcing involved only low-end works, for example: transcription. Later this was enlarged to focus task such as legal research, library services, pre-litigation document creation, consultation, application drafting, analysis, legal memorandum and so on.

Nowadays LPO has grown as a mainstream profession for offshore lawyers, attorneys and law firms. Legal outsourcing can be classified into two processes. They are the low skilled quantitative tasks or high end qualitative tasks.

Low skilled quantitative tasks include:
Business transcription
Document management
Litigation support
Data entry
Paralegal services and legal coding
Corporate secretarial services
Legal memorandum

High end qualitative tasks include:
Legal research
Document review and analysis and intelligence services.
Intellectual property rights (IPR)
Patent search and application drafting
Trade mark and copyright registration

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Legal Processing and Research Outsourcing

If you are looking for an experienced LPO provider in India to complete your legal memorandum, legal research and writing, drafting of pleadings, drafting of briefs, document review and patent services. Then you are at the right door. Here I would like to introduce one of the famous Legal process outsourcing services(LPO)in Cochin / Kerala / India, the SBL BPO.

SBL BPO offers LPO services / Legal services and Legal research outsourcing according to client needs. Outsourcing legal work to SBL BPO in Cochin gives you the clear competitive lead over other law firms / corporations in terms of cost, quality and turnaround time.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The leading LPO provider in Cochin

There are a lot of companies offers LPO services / Legal process outsourcing services in India. SBL BPO is one of the famous LPO providers in India.

SBL BPO, an ISO 9001 quality certified IT enabled service provider specialized in Business process Outsourcing in India with offices in India, UK, Australia, USA and Norway.

SBL BPO offers services like legal research outsourcing and writing, legal memorandum, drafting of pleadings, drafting of briefs,document review and patent services outsourcing.SBL BPO is the leading LPO provider in Cochin.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010